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Originally Posted by zbinks View Post
Sears and Kmart sell a very basic player that apparently has a region free hack.

I don't have one, so I can't comment on the quality.

Only $59.99. That's likely the cheapest you'll find.
Just grabbed one of these from Sears. First the good news, it works! It was already set to region 0 for dvds but you do have to switch the bd code with the remote. I popped in my Return of the Living Dead after setting it to region 2(b) for BD and it came up without the menu trick that works on region a players. I'm watching the SD features right now just fine, those won't work on the Region a player.

Bad news: no digital audio outs. Your options are hdmi or 2-chennel RCA cables like old ass vcrs. So if you use hdmi for your audio and video, this player will work for you. I have my hdmi connected directly to my TV and use cozx for audio, so it won't work for me. I could buy another hdmi cable and try to hook it up, but my receiver is stuck in the entertainment center and I can't even get to it to plug in more cables. Back is walled in, and it's literally stuck under the weight of the TV so I can't move it to get to the back.

So I'm gonna watch these features and return it. No way will I import BD's to watch with TV sound, I'll just pay a bit more for a real player. Good deal for some, depends on your set-up.

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