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Originally Posted by russweiss View Post
I was disappointed with this film like many others. I'm glad I didn't buy it. It's up on Netflix now (with very nice quality). The CGI effects were terrible in many scenes and it reminded me of a syfy channel film. I agree with Zombie Dude that the title just doesn't make any kind of sense at all. Maybe the film is just so clever that I couldn't get it.
Well no one else has come up with an explanation so I say we are cleaver
Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
I didn't care much for it either. I found it annoying. Kind of like Detention, where the movie thinks it's smarter than it actually is. Just random witty things happening for no apparent reason.
I found Detention amusing. It was way better than this anyway.
Originally Posted by Darga View Post
I read the book first and felt the same way- it started off pretty interesting and I liked the characters, but eventually it just loses it. From what I understand the author just started writing and posting chapters on-line, people started following it, so he kept on adding to it until it ended up being a novel's worth. That might explain why there's a lack of resolution or a lack of explanation for some of the phenomena that occur. I think he was just wingin' it and not necessarily focusing on creating cohesive, well thought-out novel.
There you go. I never knew this was based on a book.
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