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Originally Posted by startide View Post
At least you made it thru! I didn't and I still think it's as boring as batshit. (Sorry MP. )

I'll still be buying the blu though - The Evictors is a fine film. It's a shame that it's an extra though, because there's no extras for an extra. Funny now I look back on it, a scope film that somehow managed to hook me in on VHS of all things! When I look back at Scope movies on VHS these days I can barely make it through (assuming I do, that is).

Oh and BTW, do not watch Zodiac! Trust me, that's worse!
Haha! Well I was cooking lunch and ended up washing the dishes while it played. I don't think I could have made it to the end otherwise.

Oh really? Well I seem to let curiosity get the better of me, even when I've been warned prior. It seem I like to punish myself.

Oh and while we're on the topic of being board; I watch the original Hills Have Eyes the other night and almost pulled my hair out because it was so slow and tedious. Then I thought it would be smart to check the sequel out. On the bright side it made me want to watch the remake again and heck, it even made the sequel to that look good.
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