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If I could pick a few of the actual scarecrow movies I'd say:

Dark Night of the Scarecrow - I love that it keeps you guessing till the very end on who the killer is. Very heart felt as well.

Night of the Scarecrow - A guilty pleasure I first saw on VHS. It's got decent gore and good effects. Re-watched it a year ago and was slightly disappointed, probably because I was expecting something greater than what I remembered. Still, I'll be picking up the blu. Decent scarecrow movies are too scarce to not have this in my collection.

Husk - Surprisingly very good for a modern DTV movie. Those who enjoy scarecrow movies should definitely check this one out if they haven't already.

On the other hand, Scarecrows (1988) had some decent looking effects and scarecrows but I didn't like it at all when I watched it. I may have to give it another chance.
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