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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
I wouldn't say hideous, but it ain't pretty. All I see on my shelf is the spine however. So long as the transfer on my screen looks good and not a DNR smear with EE everywhere then I'm good with the release.
I too only care about the audio/video upgrade. Between the Arrow and Starz blu's there are more than enough extras. I even have two DVD's of footage of Savini doing the effects. Getting back to why I think the cover looks hideous, does the alligator really need to dominate the bottom right hand corner? If you blink at the wrong time, you miss the green bastard entirely. Where's the spider crawling on the guys arm then? Bub looks weird, Dr. Frankenstein looks like a different actor and there are way too many zombies and almost no main characters at all. Before anyone replies with "Be happy with what you get, and stop complaining about covers!" I am just adding my two cents. Screams covers have been so cool, that I kinda had my hopes up with this one. I'm still ordering it as soon as it's going to be made available.
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