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I'm glad these seem to be selling well. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this here before but I actually almost got into some trouble over this movie, which luckily was nothing more than a friendly email from Linnea's manager. I designed a DVD cover for it - well really I just reworked the old VHS cover into a DVD and used a different font on the title and added credits and Anchor Bay legal stuff on the bottom. Just for fun really, I like designing covers and I had a VHS rip on a DVD-R, so I whipped one up. I liked the way it looked but make the mistake of posting the whole cover on my site, and someone on ioffer started using it - how is that still a site by the way, isn't it entirely made up of bootleg copies of movies? Anyway, her manager asked me to only post a smaller image, and I did, but that image is still out there. I feel bad actually, because people are still using the cover to sell the movie, which I never intended to happen, didn't really think it through though I guess:
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