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I think most of us have learned lessons with our DVD purchasing over the years. DVD was such a new and innovative format, whereas Blu-Ray is the same, just turbocharged. We know that prices drop on most of them in a few months. We know that companies will re-release the classic stuff every couple of years with new extras and more frills. We know that we bought a bunch of DVDs that we don't watch and we don't want to repeat the same thing with Blus. I have only bought movies on Blu that I LOVE or that I've found cheap and want to see again or that I've never bought on DVD. I always check for reviews as well, if it is an older film. If it is a recent film I've seen and want to own, I usually wait for the price to go down. On some occasions, I've bought newer films that I didn't get to see in the theater, since I figured it was cheaper than bringing the family to see it anyway. When I do that, it is something I've heard a lot of good things about and figure I'll want to own. But, I've been very selective on what I buy. That being the case, Shout Factory wants to kill me financially. They are releasing a lot of titles I'd like to upgrade, but as others have said, I look at how much I watch those titles and figure I'll wait. They are releasing a few I've never owned in any format and really want a copy of as well, because I've owned bad or bootleg copies and know I'll enjoy an upgrade, like Incredible melting Man.

I still buy a ton of DVDs because of price point. They still look damn good and at under $3 a pop, I'm not spending a lot. Blus on the other hand are a lot more expensive and something I won't really buy used unless they are at a $5 price point, because I figure they'll come down to $10 or less new soon enough. Yes, Blus look better, but realistically DVDs look really good too with few exceptions. Older films really need to stun me to upgrade.
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