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I love the first Ringu movie, but both part 2 and 0 was pretty dull.
The new one had itīs moments, but on a whole it was a disappointment.
Too many crappy CGI FX and 3D gags.
Canīt remember any of the scares made me jump out of my chair, as I usually do with many of these J-horror movies. Most of them failed and just made me laugh out loud.
Also the creepy atmosphere from part 1 was pretty much missing as well.

I havenīt really seen a new good J-horror movie in almost a decade now. The late 90:s and early 00 was the golden era of the genre.

Sure, "Sadako" is still okey compared to most of the J-Horror crap coming out today. Just keep your expectations low, and remember to turn of the brain before pressing play
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