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My wife and I saw Iron Man 3 tonight. I feel no shame in saying that i've been enjoying the summer superhero films we've been having lately. The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises were both a lot of fun last year. My expectations for this one were a little muted, though. After seeing it, I'm having a really hard time deciding how I feel about it. Outside of The Incredible Hulk, this is without a doubt the weakest of the Avengers films. But it still accomplishes what it aims for, though. The funny scenes are, indeed, funny, and the action scenes are appropriately thrilling. But ultimately I still feel pretty disappointed by what it seemed like it could have been, but ultimately wasn't.

(fair warning, the spoilers below are real spoilers - I'm talking about the end of the film and various other big revelations here)
There were a few issues I had, like the the lack of Iron Man screen time, and the presence of the kid sidekick, and the ridiculous regenerating people that felt completely out of place in the universe established in the first two (I know that this exists in the same universe as the avengers and all that aliens/gods/monsters business, but Iron Man was always more grounded, and this just felt a bit too silly). But I could have gotten past all of those, were it not for the fact that the villain we are given is in no way shape or form as interesting as the villain we are promised. I wanted to see Ben Kingsley's Mandarin. That's what I wanted. He was menacing, he was evil, he was clouded in mystery and had a gravitas and presence that was really arresting. And then its all wasted on a cheap joke, which has been done before. Guy Pierce claiming he's "the real mandarin" at the end just doesn't cut it. No, he's not the mandarin. He's a crazy regenerating scientist. I really, really wanted to see Iron Man take on Ben Kingsley's Mandarin. I was really bummed out by that. I suppose its a credit to all the actors involved that I was able to get over that disappointment and still relatively enjoy the movie. It's still not a bad movie, by any means. But it's disappointing because there was a much, much better movie to be had there.

ok, now on to Star Trek. Hopefully that turns out a little more satisfying.
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