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Coming my way:
Django Prepare a Coffin (Baldi)

Here's what I intend to order in a few months:

  • Assassination
  • Liberi, Armati... Italian DVD. Much cheaper and IIRC the Italian dub is preferred.
  • Padroni delle Citta Italian DVD. Almost the same as the new one IIRC.
  • 1000 Dollar Kopfgeld ==>> Giallo/ Western hybrid. Could be fun
  • Forbidden photos.. Need the Italian version by Camera Obscura
  • Bianco Vestito per Mariale A new Giallo for me. At last!
  • Grand Duel Lee van Cleef in one of his better roles...they say..
  • Shoot First... Die later!
  • Milano Rovente (announced by RARO) The more Lenzi, the better

And I will see about La Banda del Gobbo by FilmArt soon (??)
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