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I'm not a comic fan at all, really. comic book movies i enjoy, but i was never able to get into comics as a kid (i literally was not able to - i lived in a small town, and the local grocery stores would never stock consecutive issues of anything, ever. for about a year, when i was 7 or 8 i tried to buy comic books with my allowance, but reading every 4th or 5th issue made it impossible to follow any of the stories or develope a love of the medium). but i agree with pretty much everything you said. about Iron Man, the volcanic villains, and paltrow at the end. i also hated the narration. 9 times out of 10 its a device used to hide weak storytelling, and this was no exception. i was not impressed by what happens at the end with stark's chest-magnet thing, either. lame.

i'm also not much of a fan of superman (an all-powerful god as a superhero...not much possibility of dramatic threat there), but i too am interested in man of steel.

i'm alright with marvel sticking to the avengers right now, though. 2 or 3 superhero movies a year is enough, i think.
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