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Originally Posted by fceurich39 View Post
dlc later on I believe july is rumored for dlc
And if that's the case then why not wait until they get it all together before the release. I assume it will be like Red Dead Redemption. Completely different missions, matches, etc... (but same environment)
instead of like Dead Island type of multiplayer. Where other help you with your own game.

The only info I see is about Class 3 and Class 4.

Q: What is Class3, and what is Class4?

A: Class3 was the code name for the single player XBLA/PC game we're building, where you must attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. There's a storyline, but the main part of the game is a sandbox. It is now known as State of Decay. Class4 is way, way bigger - a massively multiplayer sandbox world. We will be using your feedback on State of Decay's mechanics and systems to make Class4.

Q: Will State of Decay have co-op gameplay?

A: Not at launch. Class4 is an online world, and our hope is to offer the multiplayer options (that we have to develop for Class4) for State of Decay at a later date.

Like I said before, this should have been a Disc release not a download. I personally have room on my HD, but others may not want the large download to take up space. It's gotta be around 3 gigs right? This and the rumored future download will take up at least 5 +

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