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Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
Paramount was not involved with Freddy vs. Jason, since that film didn't use any of the story elements from Parts I-VIII (let alone the title). Only until the 2009 remake went into production, that Paramount was brought in as a 50-50 partner because the producers wanted to use the title and story elements from the Paramount-produced films.

The amount of red tape and legal wrangling over a sequel to the 2009 remake is what kept it from going into production. Now that WB is out of the way, Paramount is free to make F13 sequels their way.
I thought they did for some reason but now I do recall some fans saying they felt Freddy got more screentime because it was a New Line production. I wonder how they were able to use Jason's mom in the beginning of FvJ even though that was a story element from Parts I-III.

I hope they bring back the iconic ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma score for the next one. I felt it was underused in the remake.
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