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Originally Posted by msw7 View Post
There are easily more than 20 horror movies that should be considered essential, so at some point the list has to give in to personal preference, or we could all just sit here and type in the same 20 movies that are popularly considered the 20 most influential/essential or whatever. But what's the point of that?
While part of your statement is indeed true, there could be far more films that are considered essential, but since the limit is 20 - it should at the very least include the most influential zombie film of all time. Without the original NIGHT, zombies wouldn't exist as we know them today - period.

If it's more of an opinion than say actual essential horror viewing - then call it something else, like "My top 20 Essential Horror Films" - not state it as the or the ultimate, that kind of deal. Just my two cents on the matter.
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