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Originally Posted by chrismac87 View Post
While part of your statement is indeed true, there could be far more films that are considered essential, but since the limit is 20 - it should at the very least include the most influential zombie film of all time. Without the original NIGHT, zombies wouldn't exist as we know them today - period.

If it's more of an opinion than say actual essential horror viewing - then call it something else, like "My top 20 Essential Horror Films" - not state it as the or the ultimate, that kind of deal. Just my two cents on the matter.
That's exactly how I interpreted it. I suppose I could try to make an essential list that's intended to be a list of movies that I think everybody thinks is essential (or that is 'objectively' essential, if that's possible), but I'm not sure I'd get it right.

And while I of course agree that Night originated the genre, I could argue that Dawn did more to popularize the genre. Or I could just argue that I enjoyed it more today. Tomorrow I might pick Night, or even Day. Anyone who hasn't seen all three has been deprived of good entertainment.
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