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Originally Posted by msw7 View Post
...11. King Kong (1933)
Good call, part of me wants to amend ky list to include King Kong. As a kid I remeber being blown away seeing King Kong on TV, that might be one of the more accessible "horror" flicks that influenced my appreciation of movies at a younger age.
Originally Posted by chrismac87 View Post
What's depressing as hell is that these lists are compiled of "essentials", yet the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD has yet to make anyone's list. Given that that film singlehandedly created the modern zombie - it's kind of hard to look at any of these lists without some objection.

Just my two cents since most of you have included the sequel which wouldn't have been made had it not been for the original, influential film, not to mention the other zombie films that y'all are listing.

If you're talking about essentials, or must haves, that one should be on everyone's list - not even at the top, but for crying out loud, somewhere.

Personal favorites, well, that's a whole other story now idn't it?
I agree, I almost included the original Night of the Living Dead in my list. However, for me Dawn of the Dead was a lot more influential with social commentary that I feel relates more to my generation. NOLD is historically important and a great film with timeless satire about media and race relations but DOTD might be sharper and more relevent to the class conflict focus of my generation, in my opinion. At least for the purpose of this list when I was a bitter teenager DOTD really struck a cord with me as being entertaining, witty, and socially conscious more so than NOLD and in many ways is a more ambitious, although not necessarily better, film. Msw7 makes a good point about Dawn making zombies more "mainstream."

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