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Originally Posted by joltaddict View Post
Nobody put The Shining on a top 20 list of horror flicks?
Good call on The Shining. Just added (also replaced Motel Hell with Shock Waves). The Shining used to be on The Movie Channel and Channel 56 out of Boston all of the time back in the 80s (as were most of these films on my list). That movie freaked me out.

As an addendum to the list, I'd like to give a shout out to Channel 56's "Creature Double Feature" which introduced me to Universal Classics, 50's sci-fi, Hammer Horror, and Godzilla movies. That show, more than any one movie, made me the fan that I am today. None of those films made my list, but they were primordial in my consciousness playing every Saturday earlier in my life than I can even remember. I love ALL of those films, but I don't revisit as I do with Phantasm. Phantasm is like comfort food.

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