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It's funny how much my horror taste has changed since I was a kid. I don't even own a lot of the movies I enjoyed as a kid - Leprechaun, The Seventh Sign, Mirror Mirror, The Kiss, Witchboard and a bunch of bad horror sequels. This list is a list of movies that I enjoyed by the time I was 16. If you are surprised there are a lot of classics missing that's because I discovered them later or wasn't infatuated with them at 16 or younger.

1. Alien
2. Black Christmas
3. The Changeling
4. The Exorcist
5. Halloween
6. Jaws
7. Nightmare on Elm Street
8. Phantasm
9. Poltergeist
10. Rosemary's Baby (I actually can't recall the 1st time I saw this so may not count but I feel like I've loved it since forever)
11. Scream
12. The Shining
13. Sleepaway Camp II (perfect movie that brings me back to renting a video on vhs over the weekend and getting a pizza and having a friend over)
14. Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Since I don't have 20 and stopped at 14, here are 6 random horror movies that have wow'd me as an adult that are not necessarily classics.

1. Italian Horror in general (Phenomena was my first at like 19 or 20 and I was hooked ever since. It really renewed my love for the genre.)
2. Deathdream
3. Who Can Kill A Child?
4. [Rec]
5. The Brood
6. Spider Baby

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