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Downloaded last night & played about 2 hours. It looks pretty dam good, sure it's not perfect. like zombies animations poking through walls once in a while. While climbing a ladder, the other character followed me up & climbed right through me. LOL Stuff like that. But I like it. It's a little hectic with the controls until you get used to it. (I hope) The D-pad functions, what buttons mean what, etc... The driving/cars is very smooth imo. That part works very well. One weird thing (or maybe I was mistaken) I switched characters, but after a mission, the voice was the other guy.

So far while it is sandbox, it seems pretty straight forward. You get a "mission/missions" and you carry them out.

Back to the buttons. In one situation I panicked and accidentally threw a pack of firecrackers at my feet WHILE I was fighting 2 zombies. I have ZERO idea how I threw them out. Next thing I knew I was fighting off several zombies at once. So I have to get that down to a science because don't what that happening again.

As far as game play, you have to learn as you go I guess. I have questions that need to be answered (for my own sanity) Like I know autos can get smashed up & not usable, but do they run out of gas? Are all the autos the "same" in terms of strength/armor. In other words would a small little coupe be just as strong as a truck? Does running over zombies wear on the car? Which goes to my strength question. You can switch between characters that are your "friend". You meet many other survivors, but not all are your "friend" How do you make them your friend? Do missions that you mess up / don't complete. Do they come back? Like there is 2 missions to do, and one I was too late, will it reset again? Another odd or confusing thing, you have a backpack that can carry x amount of stuff. But on one mission to get supplies, the item opened up to a huge duffel type pack that my character replaced on his back. (it made me slower) but I still had room for x amount of spaces in my smaller pack. You would think the large pack would replace the smaller one.

There's a lot going on in the game too. In terms of what to keep track of. The journal/inventory/survivors looks exhausting at first. When looking through the journal, there are so many things to look at. So there's a lot to do & search for etc. I overall like it. Not bad for $20.
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