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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
Well on that premise your list is invalid. Sorry, don't mean to be a jerk, but in school we all learned that if you don't follow the instructions then the teacher either fails you or you are asked to do the assignment over again. Is the idea behind this topic really that hard to grasp?
I think it would have been clearer had you put it: Name the 20 films that made you a horror fan. This line: "No matter how often they get re-released, you MUST have (or are at least severely tempted) to have them in the best edition possible," implies a 20 film desert island list.

For example, Carpenter's Halloween should be on my list in this case, but I've only ever bought one version of it and barely watch it these days because I watched it to death as a kid. I've got three versions of Zombie's Halloween on the other hand.

Amending my list
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