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Horror Digital's Top 100 Horror Films of All Time!

Top 100 Horror Films of All Time!

Yes, I was a little influenced by Maybrick's thread, but thuthfully I have been meaning to set this up for a while now. I know, some hate lists, but some like myself get a lot of enjoyment out of reading, and creating them, and it's been a while since we have done one of these.

Here's how it works. Everyone will create a list with their 25 favourite horror films of all time. You will have until June 30 to make any changes to your list (So please only post your list once, and just update it!). The #1 movie will be worth 25 points, #2 24 points and so on with #25 being worth 1 point. I will calculate the results (Hopefully within a day or two) and make a list that represents the Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time of Horror Digital.

Your list should be your favourites, so don't feel like you have to add movies you aren't a huge fan of just because they were important to the genre. Also, please make sure you include the year if there are more films with the same name. With 25 slots, I think we should have a unique and interesting list beyond the same popular films you see in every other list, at least I hope it will.

*If there are any films people want to argue are horror or not (Aliens, Army of Darkness, Jaws, ect.), I will create a poll that will run for a day to decide whether it will be allowed on the list or not.
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