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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
I don't mean this to be a threadcrap (which pretty much means it IS one), but I don't really see the point. Of course, I won't spoil anyone's fun, and if they want to do another top 100 list, knock yourselves out.

Like Maybrick said in his other thread, it will end up being the usual suspects, that's why I get bored with top whatever lists. Plus, anything after #1 really doesn't mean much to me. Like if Night of the Living Dead is 16, and Rosemary's Baby is 26, I won't freak out. I just can't quantify movies in that sense. I mean, I might like one more than the other, but it's one thing to do a direct comparison (I.E., which movie do you like better, A or B?), but a quantifiable ranking of 1-100 just gets meaningless to me.

The lists I do like are the more creative themed ones, like, best horror movies to take place in a single setting, etc. And really, the only time I go through any lists (whether it's on this site or from some "pro" critic or reviewer) is to see a title that I perhaps haven't seen. That will give me something to throw on my Netflix queue. But that's as far as my interest goes.

Anyway, threadcrap over, I'll bow out of this discussion much like the guy in Workshed's animated GIF
In reality these lists only pop up on here once every few years. If you you don't like them then don't participate. If you want to make a unique list then no one is stopping you.
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