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Ok, I misread the original post, so here is an updated list to reflect the movies that instilled a love of horror in me, from my childhood and teen years, mostly.

1. King Kong (1933)
2. Godzilla movies (no specific one)
3. Matango (1963)
4. Dressed to Kill
5. The Shining
6. The Omen
7. Re-animator
8. Evil Dead 2
9. Return of the Living Dead
10. Dawn of the Dead (1978; saw it when I was 13, my friend puked )
11. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
12. The Thing
13. The Incredible Shrinking Man (spider fight)
14. Psycho
15. Poltergeist
16. Angel Heart
17. Friday the 13th part 3
18. Nightmare on Elm Street
19. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959; for the monsters)
20. Foul Play (w/Chevy Chase; albino and dwarf scared the hell out of me as a child)

/still not in any particular order
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