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Update on info from playing more Mok.

Answers to some of my own questions (a few posts ago)

The cars/trucks DO have different strength levels. Example - a small car I used started steaming after just running over zombies only. (not hitting anything else like trees, polls, other cars, etc) The truck I was using before , I was mowing down horde after horde with out doing much damage. Also, cars/trucks have infinite gas.

Tip - When searching & you find a item that results in a large rucksack. (the item that says hold button to take) If you DON'T break open the item & take the whole rucksack back to your home base, it will supply everyone at the base. But if you break open a find (example : breaking open shows 3 small items) then they go to you only. And you have to put them into your locker (at home base) individually. Instead the rucksack immediately disappears off your back when you enter the building at your home base. (supplying everyone) I'm pretty sure this to be true.

On the survivors front, I almost lost my first character Maya. Went for a supply run. (at night) Took a car half way to my destination. (wanted to go stealth the rest of the way) Searching the house, no zombies around, and on the last backroom dresser to search, I did a "fast search". It made a HUGE noise & zombies started flooding the house. I was stuck in the back room. (dam game doesn't allow you to go through a window, only board them up) Was getting my ass handed to me by the time I got out of the house. Exhausted & the car was still up the street. Zombies coming from everywhere. Barely made the car.

Also I still can't get that using an item move down pat. When I was getting hammered with Maya, I had a distraction item. For the life of me I couldn't throw it out. Maybe it was just me being stupid & panicking.
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