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Hi everyone... I been MIA for a long time... First I lost my computer for a while then I forgot my username and password here. And that took me some time to get straight (I didn't want to rejoin with a new name).

Won't list everything I gotten since I been gone... but here is some of the horror related titles I gotten in the last several months...

- Haunted Hollows: 8 Movie Collection
--- 7 Nights of Darkness
--- Ominous
--- The House That Would Not Die
--- The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm
--- Haunting of Winchester House
--- Children of the Corn 666: Issac's Return
--- Evidence of a Haunting
--- Darkness
- The Phantom of 10,000 Leagues
- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
- Frankenweenie
- ParaNorman
- My Babysitter's A Vampire: Season 1
- Kong Collection
--- King Kong (1933)
--- Son of Kong
- The Stranger
- Feast
- Feast II: Sloppy Seconds
- Feast III: The Happy Finish

Sure some of those aren't horror in the strictest sense... but think they are acceptable here.
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