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Saw this last night, and it was VERY entertaining
It was also done a bit tongue in cheek, as I also got a bunch of laughs from it. It goes a bit over the top at times, but in a good way, that I REALLY enjoyed. Especially the third story that goes from really grim stuff to hilarity at the end

I didnīt find the wrap around or the first three stories to be THAT scary though, but the fourth by Jason Eisener, had some pretty damn intense moments. Both the creatures and the sound design in this one was great. This was the best part of the movie for me.

Except for the wrap around, which felt kinda pointless, I really enjoyed all of the stories, and it sure beats the crap of the original (even though some stories in the original was okey), so Iīm really hoping for a third part, if the series will continue to improve like this.

Even if you hated the original, give this one a chance. Itīs quality entertainment!
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