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For those who are interested in the Don May B-roll stuff here is some additional info with a couple screenshots:

It's important to note that there are no deleted scenes, as Carpenter has stated many times. These are pure outtakes (like the shot of Nick Castle rising from the ground and dancing) and alternate takes of scenes in the finished film.

I'd obviously love to see all of the B-roll footage. But that's not a requirement for me to double-dip. This disc will be a day one buy for me as long as it has the correct, Cundey-approved color timing. As impressive as the detail is on the Anchor Bay BD the film doesn't feel the same to me without the orange daytime tints and the deep, rich nighttime blues. Don May confirmed the strong blue tint is present on the original camera negatives:

Here's hoping they bring Cundey back for another go-round.
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