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Played a lot this past weekend. Yes the game plays on while you are not present. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I went from having nearly 10 survivors to 3 + 2 that went missing. THAT pisses me off more than anything. Your dudes go off on their own and get themselves lost or killed. But lets face it, it's the ultimate zombie apocalypse simulator. Shit happens as though you were playing an rts and left it running unattended. I'm kind of worried about my little camp now The way I see it, if I lose everything, I'll be smarter on next play through.

Some things I found out:
- Fuel is only to run the generator back at your base. Cars don't seem to run out.
- As you mentioned events occur while you are away (including your selected character regenerating health + stamina)
- Zombies have varied amounts of health. Those bigger ones and the ferrel zombies can take a lot.
- Like an RTS game you can create and upgrade buildings that serve you in different ways.

I've had my controlled character die twice so far. Marcus got ripped in half by a fat bald zombie after getting cornered between a house and deck. Maya was killed in a house by a ferrel zombie (her belongings are glitched under the house ). Both instances I was trying to help strangers fend of invading zombies. I've figured out a good strategy in these instances is to lure the horde out and have a car ready to plough them over.

PS: Baggio, how do you "Fast search"?

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