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Just curious. Where is your home base? Mine at this point is still the Church. And I'm not sure where I want to move if at all.

I hear there are better or rather bigger home bases in the map. There are apparently pros & cons to all of them. Like there is a farm that is supposed to be a more "secure" base but it's the furthest away from everything like supplies, etc... A lot a people talk about a warehouse. Because of it's size and upgrade ability, but it's cons are the fence around the base isn't the best. A must is statistically placed outposts around the warehouse.

I hear there is a Savini Residence. The name alone sounds like it could be cool. Yet nobody talks about setting up shop there. It's usually the Warehouse or the Farm. Also the other bases have "requirements". Like how many survivors, influence, building materials, etc... The Church is "free" from what I can gather.

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