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Originally Posted by mlock View Post
And while I agree that bringing Cundey back to work on the color timing would be fantastic, I'm a little confused. I realize he was involved with the 2000 Anchor Bay release, and it looked great, but isn't the director responsible for arranging the color timing for their films?
Based on everything I've read and heard the "look" of Halloween was a collaborative effort between Carpenter and Cundey. But I tend to think Cundey probably had more influence. He made some movies without Carpenter that look like Carpenter films (Halloween II and III especially). And most of Carpenter's efforts without Cundey don't really seem to have the Carpenter signature. That's strictly my opinion of course.

Regardless, Cundey's involvement in the THX DVD edition resulted in the most accurate presentation of the film on digital media to-date. His involvement with this release would guarantee that the anniversary Blu-ray would be the best reproduction of the theatrical experience yet. I'm crossing my fingers.
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