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Originally Posted by indrid13 View Post
Started the game this weekend. Really digging it. I love the idea of it being a zombie apocalypse simulation.

Thank's for the tips you guys have been listing.

Can you get other survivors to go with you on supply runs?
Like Mok said, as of now you cannot bring other survivors on missions. I do know that is a request from users. So you never know if they add that to a patch down the line, but I highly doubt it.

Originally Posted by fceurich39 View Post
what is the easiest way to kill a fat zombie?
Killing the big zombies are indeed very hard. Now I'm not saying these are fool proof tips but it they do help. First, try Hitting them with fire. That seems to slow them down. It's gonna take at least three direct hits, maybe more but three really slows them down. Second, Hitting them with your car doesn't do much. If you do, back into them rather than frontwards, with a truck (not a little car)

Third, try the dodge method. When they charge, dodge out of the way, then beat them from behind. Repeat process. It's not easy , but it works way better then a frontal attack.
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