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Originally Posted by mlock View Post
I'm a little confused. I realize he was involved with the 2000 Anchor Bay release, and it looked great, but isn't the director responsible for arranging the color timing for their films?
A director like Carpenter is responsible for the color timing in the sense that a director is responsible for everything else in the movie from the acting to the catering. Obviously they delegate just like your boss delegates to you. You wouldn't say your boss does your job but ultimately your boss is responsible for it.

As the Director of Photography Cundey was tasked in achieving that color. His profession is knowing how to achieve that color. He's the best man for the job, even over Carpenter. That's why Carpenter hired him.

It should be noted that the original color timing Cundey did on the Halloween DVD is probably a bit over saturated compared to theatrical prints. This was the first time Cundey did digital colorizing (as opposed to in a lab) and it was on small tube TVs. They somewhat over compensated for the analog format which was common at the time as VHS and NTSC has a much weaker color spectrum.

We'll have to see how this HD remastering turns out. Cundey is more familiar with the digital process now, they don't need to overcompensate for bad home video and a more true to film color is much more possible now
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