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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
It should be noted that the original color timing Cundey did on the Halloween DVD is probably a bit over saturated compared to theatrical prints.
There's no doubt that technology has improved. And Blu-ray is capable of much more accurate color reproduction than NTSC DVD. But Don May of Synapse has disputed claims that the THX DVD is oversaturated. Here's an excerpt from one of the links I posted above:

"Well, you don't have to worry about the claims being dubious... I have hours of the original 35mm camera neg for HALLOWEEN (all the b-roll stuff... hours of it) and of the reels I've taken a look at (within the past year or so, mind you), all the blue lighting is definitely there, in full-force.

The negatives were untouched and stored in air-tight containers and the images on the b-roll looked like they were shot yesterday. Nothing was faded and the blue was there. One of the shots I looked at was a scene where nancy Loomis is stuck in the window and little Kyle Richards comes into the laundry room. The blue was so rich, bright and vivid coming through the windows it looked surreal. So, on the original untimed negatives, they had the blue lights blaring!"

It will definitely be interesting to compare the new transfer with the THX version. But based on what Don has repeatedly said I think it's possible that the colors will be even stronger on the new release.

I can't wait to find out.
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