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13 reasons why I'm not excited about the Friday the 13th release.

1) No true 3D edition of Part 3.
2) Once again we are denied uncut editions of most of these films.
3) It would mean that I would have to own the lackluster reboot and the rather lame assed Freddy Vs Jason.
4) Too expensive.
5) Once the next film in the franchise is released to blu ray, it will sit lonely by itself next to the box set of the others. That will look shitty unless I buy the next box set they release.
6) I'm a fan, but not THAT big of a fan.
7) Friday the 13th was shot in New Jersey. America's Armpit.
8) Sean S Cunningham was my least favorite character on Happy Days.
9) What? No SATURDAY THE 14TH???
10) I blame Obama.
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