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Originally Posted by Suicide View Post
Man, I have opposite tastes from those guys, part 5 is my current favorite, followed by a tie between 6 and 3. Although I actually like all of the first 8, I do think 8 is the weakest of the first batch.

For me it would've been Demons and Demons 2 had it been $50 for the pair, not paying $100 for them. I'd say Friday the 13th from this list. I'll be watching a lot of Friday the 13th soon between this and that 7 hour long documentary.
I totally agree about Demons 1 & 2. Own them on DVD, and sorry to say, Synape Films, the price for both together on Blu/DVD is just way to much for me to spend on two movies, would prefer the entire Friday the 13th Collection. My husband and my brother are not horror fans like I am, even though when me and my brother were kids, we watched horror movies with our Mom.
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