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I mean no dis-resecpet those Horror fan's I'm just supporting the notion of puting thesse film's in the same line as Those Spoof Movie's like Date Movie & Disater Movie instead of including them in the best genera of all time
Originally Posted by chrismac87 View Post
"Fan insulting intelligence garbage"?

I had to assume you were going for "insulting" in your previous post because I've never heard of "insllutting" before, but I digress.

Out of all the franchises, low budget schlock fests, and what not throughout the years that the horror genre has produced - you feel the CHILD'S PLAY and LEPRECHAUN films are the ones to revel at? This is a joke right?

I mean I'll admit, the LEPRECHAUN films are not gold by any stretch - but they're fun, and entertaining for the most part which is pretty much all anyone ever should have expected from them going in.

As far as the CHILD'S PLAY franchise goes, shit parts 2, 3, BRIDE and SEED OF CHUCKY are also nothing to go crazy over in my book; again fun and entertaining will sell these, but the first film is unarguably a cult classic film if not a classic film for its influence and unquestionable nightmares/fear it induced on a majority of its viewers.

The first film I always felt had been underrated due to it's being lumped in with the later sequels given it was a really solid horror flick that even hardened critics such as Roger Ebert enjoyed when it was released. The idea of a child's play thing becoming a vicious killer, a boy with a strange fascination with a doll that claims it to really be alive, that first half of the film that leaves the viewer themselves even questioning the legitimacy of Andy's story, etc. There's so much more to that film than just a killer doll running amok and even to this day it is a very effective horror film.

I wouldn't however going around calling those who enjoy those films not "true horror fans", because let's face it, there's no rule book or guidelines that any true horror fan needs to follow. Anyone who is a true horror fan to me is someone who enjoys films in the genre, discusses them, buys the many releases, collects memorabilia, and so on. A true horror fan doesn't tell others they're not true horror fans because they like this or that - again, let's face it, there's worse out there than the CHILD'S PLAY or LEPRECHAUN films that horror fans all over the world love and revel in.

Each person has their own tastes and while you evidently don't like the CHILD'S PLAY or LEPRECHAUN films - you shouldn't insult or demean those that do. As horror fans, we are considered outcasts enough, we don't need to internalize that anymore than it already is.
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