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Originally Posted by ThisEvilBastard View Post
I mean no dis-resecpet those Horror fan's I'm just supporting the notion of puting thesse film's in the same line as Those Spoof Movie's like Date Movie & Disater Movie instead of including them in the best genera of all time
Well man, that is disrespectful, again - they have a fan base that's dedicated, loves and enjoys them. If you don't like them that's one thing, everyone's entitled to their opinion, but questioning the legitimacy of their worth in the genre or the fans who enjoy them - that's not an assessment you can really make.

Considering you own the first film as well, according to your Film Aficionado link, I think its safe to say you enjoy it enough to own it which leaves me to wonder why you said what you said in the first place? Especially in a thread where a majority of the people in it like the first film and presumably the others in the franchise.

I also want to point out that I believe any of the CHILD'S PLAY/LEPRECHAUN films had FAR more effort put into them than any of the "spoof" films that have come out in recent years. Those films all just borrowed ideas from other films and ran with them, none of them came up with original concepts or storylines whereas every film in the CHILD'S PLAY and LEPRECHAUN series did. Sure they might have borrowed a plot point or two - but they still came up with their own ideas/concepts, especially the first in either franchise.

Again, don't judge what others like or appoint yourself as jury/executioner to decide what belongs in the horror genre and what doesn't. No offense, but you or even myself isn't qualified to make any kind of assessment in that regard - unless its blatant like let's say someone tries to call YOU'VE GOT MAIL a horror film. Then we can work with that, but films that are made as horror, have horror elements to them that are taken seriously and are not spoofed in my opinion belong in the genre even if no one likes them.
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