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Originally Posted by ThisEvilBastard View Post
I would like to view your fan theory's that connect 2 or more film's in the same universe.

Such as Quentin Tarantino does in all of his film and Freddy Vs Jason

I made one thread previously that could be considered apart of this thread but I see that people would like to discuss minor thing's that don't relate to the subject and go like "This is a way to get people to discuss a forgotten film" which it should be about the topic at hand instead of just complaing.

Thank you.
You were trying to connect the timelines of Army of Darkness and Dracula 2000 and people pointed out the fallacies in that connection. I would say that was directly related to the subject you were discussing. If you wanted to get people talking about Dracula 2000 again, then you should have just made a thread about that. Don't put ideas and thoughts into the public sphere if you can't take criticism of said ideas.
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