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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
Well, Halloween, Child's Play, and Hellraiser series I like to see be connected via comic book series. They all feature dark religions (I won't say Satantic because voodoo is neither good nor evil); Michael is Thorn, Chucky is Dambella, and Pinhead is Hell. It works perfectly. This is my idea for the story:

Michael returns, but so does Chucky! The 2 try to find the Lament Configuration only to discover that Andy Barclay has it. Andy opens the box and releases Pinhead and the Cenobites. Andy makes it to safety and tries to find a person who dealt with this before only to leave behind Pinhead, Michael, and Chucky. Only one can have the box. Hell breaks loose, and bodies drop to the floor! Who will be victor, who will Andy get for help, and how will all come out in the end?
Decent I wouldn't include chucky. I had a similar idea the would be the horror equivlant of the Avengers. See my Idea in seperate post later.
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