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Originally Posted by bigdaddyhorse View Post
Also $13 in stores (if they have any, word is these digibooks are kinda scarce although my Target had 3 copies of 2d and 3 3d books. 3d book is $22.99, but 2d is $13). I picked one up from what's been said here, but after reading some other reviews around the web I'm scared to open it. I'm either gonna love or hate it, no middle ground. Went to Redbox it instead of waiting for a library copy (insanely long list, still 150 people in front of me and I requested weeks ago when it was pre-order), but RB only has the R cut on blu (at least from the specs listed on screen at the RB, if it's really unrated please say so). I'm torn, half of me wants to rip it open and watch it, but the other half wants to take it back and wait for the library disc. But if I love it I'd want the digibook, and it's doubtful to impossible I'll get through the 150 people on the library list within the 90 day return window.

What's the runtime on the Redbox BD (if anyone took this route)? Should be easy to tell if unrated or not. Under 90 is R, around 98 is UR.
If you bought the 3D Digibook and you don't like it I'll buy it off you for full price. We didn't get the 3D Digibook here in Canada and I want one badly!
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