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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
You like the art. Fine. Good for you, but there is absolutely no need to be insulting to those of us that don't. These are called honest and valid criticisms. I'm sorry if the concept is so alien to you, but you actually can like something without being 100% gung ho about it. Scream Factory is awesome because even THEY realize that the new art wouldn't be for everybody and it's for people like us that they left the original covers as an alternative. Have you ever thought that maybe if they listened to some of our concerns that Scream Factory might actually produce BETTER artwork in the future? This isn't just petty bitching for the sake of bitching. We aren't asking Scream Factory to stop producing new art. What we ARE doing is being constructive and offering ways to make artwork better. Chiefly, stop using floating heads and simplify the designs.
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