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Bootleg Video Dealers

Do the rest of you hate these guys as much as I do? I don't even understand how they still exist at conventions. I thought about this over the weekend when I went to the Fatality Fest. There was a guy who was selling Warner Archive DVDs which were obvious copies, for the same price as the site. On top of that, he was selling a bunch of stuff on DVD-R for $15-20 that was already out on Blu-Ray. There was a time way back, when I'd buy bootleg VHS and then DVD-R copies from the dealers, because you couldn't get the movies anywhere else. Then, more and more of these films started getting released and on top of that, if you looked, there is always a place to download or get the stuff online. In L.A. and NY these guys would be arrested, but other states have just let them exist. Their time is really gone and they just annoy me being at a con! It annoys me for the fact that now they are stealing (it wasn't really stealing when there wasn't a legit place to buy the product) and ripping fans off on top of that. I guess fans should be more informed, but regardless!
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