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Seen it, liked it. Took a little to get going, but that was to set up the story. Filmed well, had that more expensive feel to it. The humor like others have mentioned was well played, it wasn't really slapstick, which was nice. No CGI, all practical effects. Like hots4 mentioned, the kills could have been a little more creative, but that might have been a result to the "killing" situations. Most of the killing by Victor, was attacking people that knew about his existence. This wasn't a bunch of people taking a tour in the swamp getting surprise attacked by an unknown. Caroline Williams & Zach Galligan were quite good here, as well as Danielle Harris (who looked really good) Even Mears did a good job.

Enjoyed the surprise cameo, the other another great addition, & the "other" little surprise... Which btw I'm not ruining, like someone else did the cameo in another post. Please use spoiler tags guys.

P.S. - Two "attacks" by Victor actually made me jump, so kudos for that.

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