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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
Preach it, brutha! People born in the late 80s to the present don't fully realize what they missed out on. I was young but I at least still got to experience the death knells of drive-in movies theaters, car hops, roller discos, and the like. Also, movies that would stay at the cineplex for months on end rather than come and go in a fortnight. Lines would be practically around the block. Videos wouldn't be released for almost a full year (sometimes longer) as opposed to only a few short months. When I was a kid I went to the movies every week for 2-3 bucks and I didn't need adult supervision to see things like Amityville 2 or Halloween III (an adult buying the ticket was good enough). If I didn't go to the movies there always seemed to be good horror movies on basic, $5/month television on the weekends. In a small town of 13,000 people you could have 5 video stores, not counting the corner markets that also rented films.

Today you have Netflix. And yeah, I admit that is cool to have so many films so easily at your fingertips. But still....I miss the days when people had a reason to leave their homes. It's far too easy to behave like a misanthrope when you never have to associate physically with others.
I feel very nostalgic for that time in my life too. And there were no cell phones so when you left the house - you wouldn't always be connected and bothered but could enjoy the moment you were in.
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