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A pair of titles announced for August 13th.

First up is Marvin Chomsky's GOOD LUCK, MISS WYCKOFF (1979), a kinda twisted sex drama about a raped school teacher who begins an interracial affair with her assaulter. Stars Anne Heywood, Robert Vaughn and Donald Pleasence. I saw it on VHS in the early '90s as THE SHAMING.

* Re-release Version: THE SIN
* Thoughts on William Inge with Actress Shirley Knight
* Theatrical Trailers
* Television Spots
* Still Gallery
* Original Soundtrack CD

Blu / DVD / CD combo:
Promo Trailer:

Then we have a double-bill of THE SEXUALIST (1973) / WENDY'S PALACE (1971), two adult features. Extras include Theatrical Trailers and Outtakes From THE SEXUALIST.

Promo Trailer:

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