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I used to buy loads of this shit years back simply because I couldnt get the movies I wanted in official releases. Alot of it was recorded off VHS onto DVDr crap with photocopied covers in a smelly cheap case. There used to be a few guys doing this in the UK who advertised in the back of magazines and did a three for 10 deal. Ok to see movies you couldnt get anywhere else but the quality was mostly bad and once legitimate releases inevitably came out the bootlegs had no resale value and just ended up in the back of cupboard or in the trash. There are still bootleggers on Ebay who seem to get away with it even now. There are two which I see on a regular basis. One sells Euro horror and the other Spag westerns and although some of the titles they stock look interesting I dont really want to go down the bootleg route again.
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