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Originally Posted by deepred View Post
Unfortunately, I am not the first to come up with the idea.
I believe the sequel they were planning to the remake was to be set at Crystal Lake during the winter but then it never came to fruition.
I remember reading this story. I didn't like it. I always thought that Friday the 13th should be in the summer months.

I can't wait for another Friday the 13th. I didn't like the 2009 movie. I think I posted a review about it on the forum. The movie had a few good kills and it looked good. But as with all the other bad Friday the 13th movies, it had some really stupid and unlikeable characters. The good ones always have a good majority of likeable characters. Part 2 and Part 6 being the best to me. Even Part 8 and Jason X have likeable characters. Aside from the Supernatural guy and Danielle Panabaker's character. I didn't care about the others getting it from Jason.
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