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Danny Steinmann's THE UNSEEN (1980) from Scorpion Releasing 8/20

Out of Print through prior distributor Code Red, Scorpion Releasing give Danny Steinmann's perverse sorta-slasher THE UNSEEN (1980) a hi-def upgrade! When a group of sexy news-gals arrive in a small California town to cover a regional Danish Festival, the hotels have all been booked up and they're forced to stay at a local museum curator's mansion. Of course, not all is as it seems, and it becomes clear "The Unseen" may have plans of its own...

Emphasizing mood and atmosphere over graphic bloodshed, THE UNSEEN may seem a disappointment if you come in expecting a sleazy gorefest, but stick with it, as it builds a mounting sense of dread with several suspenseful set-pieces capped off with a completely gonzo climax that'll have you scraping your jaw off the floor. Bond gal Barbara Bach is always great to look at, but it's the unforgettable performance by Stephen Furst that you'll truly remember. "You worry too much, Virginia."

Amazon Preorders (WEA/Ryko/ADA is Scorpion's distributor):
DVD: creativeASIN=B00DELKA66&linkCode=as2&tag=horrdigi-20
Blu: creativeASIN=B00DELK9Z8&linkCode=as2&tag=horrdigi-20


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