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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
Got the patch. Maya's gear still stuck under the floor

Things are going pretty good for my band of survivors. We moved into the Savini house. I got sick of having to drive across the entire map to get to where things were happening so I picked up and moved even though it looks like a vulnerable spot. It isn't. I've set up outposts in all the surrounding houses so we are nicely tucked in. I'm slowly clearing out the surrounding areas and upgrading my shit. It seems like there's a lot more breathing room. One thing I learned, if there's an alert about hordes, kill ALL of them that are indicated on your map, even if they are nowhere near. Otherwise your people will lose morale/die.

The whiny guy (who shows you the Savini house) in my squad died too so that was a bonus.

Possible spoiler ahead:
I'm not sure if this is avoidable, but the Sherif and Judge died in my game, off screen at some point. A couple of dudes who were holed up with them in the courthouse have joined with us.

That area on the western side of the map look pretty rad. It's where the army was stationed and there are a lot of wicked guns over there.
Looks like they will hopefully fix that rucksack from Maya.

Moving question:

How does that work Mok? Like what exactly happens? When you say you want to move, everybody just appears over at the new base? What about what was in your locker , at the old base.
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