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Originally Posted by baggio View Post
Looks like they will hopefully fix that rucksack from Maya.

Moving question:

How does that work Mok? Like what exactly happens? When you say you want to move, everybody just appears over at the new base? What about what was in your locker , at the old base.
Yes pretty much. It's instant as long as you meet the required head count. The only thing is once you get there you have to spend a bit of time "fixing up" things like the kitchen and bedroom. Inconsequential but I guess included for realism.

And I'm happy that I'll finally be able to let Maya rest in peace without the constant reminder on the map of her grizzly demise

Originally Posted by Mikey Horror View Post
So I guess this game isn't really made to go through solo? If its one thing I hate in video games, it's handholding and babysitting.
What do ya mean?
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